The Eldorado

This cabin has been a real winner from day one. With over thirteen, yes thirteen,different sizes available this building is the one of the most versatile cabins we have to offer. It is supplied with our chunky 45mm thick timber walls, the double glazing being our superior 24mm thick units and also benefitting from 28mm thick solid timber, tongue and groove floorboards. From a simple hobby room to snooker or table tennis room, this cabin exceeds all expectations. Being stylish, practical and strong, over the years we have sold hundreds of this style and it still today proves to be a top quality, solid timber building. Come and see why we like this cabin, take a look at the superb finish and see how we can transform your outdoor garden space. It can be a great room for the kids and their friends to have their own space, for listening to music, playing games and even having the occasional sleep over. Request a site visit and we can advise you on the best size and solution for your garden. Treat yourselves to an Electrics Package and an
Air Conditioning unit and you can have a lovely space as warm or as cool as any indoor room you may already have.

Cabin Overview

  • 45mm solid timber walls
  • 28mm tongue and groove floorboards
  • Tanalised floor bearers
  • 19-22mm tongue and groove roof boards
  • Double glazed only
  • 2 x double casement windows
  • 1 x set of double doors
  • Bigger sizes are perfect for pool, snooker or table tennis tables

Sizes specifications:

  • 3m x 3m
  • 3m x 4m
  • 4m x 3m
  • 4m x 4m
  • 5m x 3m
  • 3m x 5.9m
  • 5.9m x 3m
  • 5m x 4m
  • 4m x 5.9m
  • 5.9m x 4m
  • 5m x 5.9m
  • 5.9m x 5m
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