Therapy Air

Lighter, bubblier massage.

Air, like water, can be used for therapeutic massage. Arctic Spas® offers an available therapy air package on all spas for frothy fun. We start with a powerful air blower that forces air out of multiple air jets throughout the spa for a gentle, bubbling massage that makes you tingle from head to toe.

Your Therapy Air System can provide year round comfort. Unlike most other spas that draw cold air from the outside, Arctic Spas® Therapy Air draws warm air from the heated air space under the spa, providing a warm and comfortable massage even in cooler weather. And in the summer, the use of an optional Louvered Door or the Arctic Chiller™ with your Therapy Air system will help keep the water refreshingly cool.

Get the best of both worlds with Therapy Air.

Lasting Scents™ Aromatherapy Option

Soothe your body, mind, and soul

The power of scent to positively change your state of mind is a widely accepted and utilized natural therapy, and a perfect enhancement to a therapeutic soak. Each Arctic spa equipped with Therapy Air incorporates our Lasting Scents™ inline aromatherapy system that introduces fragranced air directly into the spa. Our unique aromatherapy canisters release fragrance when opened and can be turned off when not in use. The combination of scent stimulation and hydrotherapy is powerful and soothing for both body and spirit.

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