Arctic Spas Options

In addition to the standard features of each Arctic Spa there are many options that can be added to any model. Click on the items below to read about each option.

Video options

*TIP: Most options can be added on site after installation if you are not sure which ones you want. Adding options on site often costs only slightly more or even the same as adding them at time of purchase. This is only possible because of the unique design of Arctic Spas, with access to all components and the absence of structural “full foam insulation”. This built-in ‘upgrade-ability’ also allows for the future addition of options not yet invented! An Arctic Spa can be upgraded with the newest hot tub features — for ever.

With endless options, we’ll build your spa your way.
With most manufacturers, you are often sold a spa with very little choice – as is, take it or leave it, and often its the spa that’s best for the dealer, not for you. At Arctic Spas®, you choose what’s best for you!

With over 2.4 million combinations, including mould design, jetting configurations, purification, filtration and endless options such as our LED lighting systems and audio systems, we take your specs, your needs, your wants – all your choices, and build your perfect spa.

With good advice from your local authorized Arctic Spa® dealer, you never have to buy more than what you want, and never have to settle for less. From a basic, low maintenance tub to the cutting edge Epic Series, Arctic Spas® is all about choice.

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