The Mesa sets new standards for affordable luxury. Cool curves and smooth lines make the Mesa an appealing addition to any environment. Face to face offset seating is guaranteed to please in this great 2 person hot tub. Just fill and enjoy. You’ll be wondering how you made it this far without one.

Dimensions 86”x46” ( 218.44cm x 116.84cm )

Water Capacity 300 gallons

Jets 12 Jets

Pumps 1 pump

Seating Features Up to 2 people

Coyote Features

Targeted Therapy Zones

coyote targeted therapy zones The Mesa (Terrace Series) We have concentrated the jets in the corner seats around specific areas of the body, making these targeted therapy zones. Lower body, lower back, upper body, mid back and overall body coverage are all focuses of these seats. In essence, you can circuit train and address specific areas of your body by moving from zone to zone. Jetting in each zone is customized to provide optimal massage to that area of the body and to deliver the ideal restorative results.

Jets Redesigned

coyote animated jets The Mesa (Terrace Series) Vital to providing the best spa hydrotherapy available are jets that continue to perform over the long-term. Every Coyote Spa uses Axis and Quantum jet technologies and are the only jets available that effectively deal with problematic water chemistry. Further these jets operate with minimal friction, making the pulsating effect more powerful with less energy!

Advanced Ozone Purification

Ozone is perhaps nature’s most powerful water purifier. Despite ozone’s great potency, nearly all systems on spas fail to address the three critical components for successful water purification: Concentration of ozone, Surface Area, and Contact time. Coyote SpaTM’s Clearcore Reaction Chamber design maximizes ozone reaction with contaminants and involves no moving parts for years of trouble-free operation


coyote lighting The Mesa (Terrace Series) Coyote Spas uses Precision Beam Diffusion LED technology to deliver perfectly mixed true color. Further, by using Wide Radius Projection technology our LED lights deliver more pure mood enhancing light then any other lights available. Enjoy your favorite color or at the touch of a button, change the lighting to whatever you desire.

Multifunction Stereo

To enhance the hot tubbing experience all Coyote Spas are available with optional stereo systems. Choose from a cabinet mounted marine deck amplifier with hooks ups for SD card, Flash drive or any audio device including and iPod, MP3, CD player or even a TV! Matched to this are two JBL pop up swivel speakers and a powered sub- woofer for premium quality sound. (Not available on Vegas and Mesa models).


Acrylic Colors: Copper, Mocha, Moonscape, Oyster, Starry Night Blue, Sterling Silver and Ultramarine.coyote colour sheet The Mesa (Terrace Series)Cabinet Colors: Classic Series: Grizzle or Mahogany Contemporary Series: Ash, Desert, Navajo, Stone Click here to see Cabinet Colour  images

Maintenance Free Cabinets

Coyote SpaTM cabinets are designed to have the appearance of natural wood with the durability and low maintenance of synthetic composite materials. No need to sand or stain the cabinet regularly, Coyote cabinets can be easily cleaned with the garden hose. Note too, that the cabinets walls are easily removed to allow easy serviceability to internal components. Offered in several wood tones to best match your landscape.

updated cabinets all The Mesa (Terrace Series)

Northern Insulation

Coyote SpaTM’s Northern Insulation utilizes a perimeter HeatlockTM insulating system first developed for spas installed in the coldest regions in the world. Fundamental to this design is an outer layer of high tech insulating material, a trapped dead air space where the equipment is housed, and a shell material that allows the transfer of incidental heat through the spa shell. This design guarantees extremely low operating costs and protects against freezing in the event of power failure.

Coyote Spa Shell Technology

The basis of any quality spa is the strength of the shell. At Coyote Spas, we start with a wide selection of high gloss smooth and textured ABS backed cast acrylics. Then a proprietary heat transferring, no VOC, composite material called Elastocast is sprayed on the shell to give steadfast structural integrity. This environmentally responsible way of building a spa shell allows us to take advantage of our Northern Insulation Heatlock® system.

Advanced Micro Filtration

Coyote Spa’sTM utilize recyclable Silver Sentinel micro filters . This layered media thoroughly filters suspend particles down to 1 micron on a single pass leaving you with crystal clear water without the fuss of traditional filter systems. Further, the inner layer of this filter is imbedded with nano- silver ions that makes the media antiseptic, bactericidal, deodorizing, anti-mold, anti-algae to provide additional hygiene to traditional filters and even other micro filters on the market.

State-of-the-art Controls

New for 2011, we offer our new Eco-Pack spa controls. This cutting edge platform is ready for the future with a faster processor, which features huge upgradability. A fully sealed enclosure with on-board diagnostics and removable relays allows you to replace a failed relay instead of the entire control board. This saves you money in the future when you are off warranty.

Everlast Floor

Coyote Spas come standard with our Everlast floor. This vacuum formed durable recycled ABS bottom is fully insulated and completely seals the underside of the spa, keeping it impervious to moisture, pests and time.


Coyote Spas offers a wide range of hot tub covers and specifications. At the very top of our line is the VACSEAL cover, which is available on some models. This cover will outlast and retain more heat than any other cover. The VACSEAL cover was designed for extreme cold climates where temperatures reach 30 below zero for weeks on end and winter winds can blow standard covers across town.
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